Amusement Industry Consulting, LLC

We are dedicated and committed to develop and implement procedures and standards that will ensure a safe environment and superior guest service for the global amusement industry.

Managing an amusement industry business of any size presents a broad diversity of complex and challenging opportunities. It may not be economically feasible today to sustain a staff with comprehensive professional expertise in areas of specialized management. Let us evaluate your current strategy and confirm how it impacts your guest or employee experience and shareholder interest. There could be oversights, missed opportunity and inefficiencies – all of which lead to increased business pressure that will ultimately erode profits. Our insights have been cultivated during the past 43 years with practical management experience including 27 imaginative years with the Walt Disney Company. If you are interested in more detailed information please contact us through the contact us page and we will furnish it promptly. Our goal is to acquaint you with information relating to services that can be professionally provided by Amusement Industry Consulting, LLC..

We are dedicated to provide Global Consulting Services through application of practical experience to assist all segments of the amusement industry develop a safe environment in which to deliver exceptional guest service. We will maintain a uniform balance between innovative solutions, sensible planning and fiscal responsibilities. When unique management challenges exceed your core management experience we are ready to contribute essential knowledge to propose a reasonable solution.


Jerry Aldrich, owner of AIC, is one of the world's leading Amusement Industry Consultants having over 40 years of experience managing and consulting for many of the world's largest amusement parks & resorts.

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