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Operating an amusement industry business or a professional sports complex of any size presents a broad diversity of complex and challenging opportunities. There are many organizations today utilizing large numbers of technically diverse systems and creative human factors activities that we normally expect to operate harmoniously. It may not be economically feasible for you to sustain staffing levels with technical expertise in areas of specialized management. Let us explore methods to increase productivity and control cost to ensure your competitive position in the Market. We will evaluate your current strategy and verify how it can impact your guest or employee experience, and shareholder interest. There could be omissions, missed opportunity or inefficient organizational structure – all of which lead to increased business pressure that will ultimately consume earnings. A fresh third party look at practices will confirm present programs and provide suggestions for optimization of space, personnel, capital assets, and expense allocations. Our insights have been cultivated over the past 43 years with practical management experience including more than 27 imaginative years with the Walt Disney Company. If you are interested in more detailed information concerning services we can provide, please contact us and we will furnish it promptly. Our goal is to acquaint you with information relating to services that can be professionally provided by Amusement Industry Consulting, LLC, either exclusively or in combination with other resources we will team with to give you the most complete assistance possible.

Our comprehensive park management and international amusement industry experience includes hands-on management accountability with a broad segment of day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Create Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annual Maintenance Check-lists
  • European Work Experience
  • International Ride Safety Standards
  • International Seminar Presentations
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony
  • Maintenance Cost Analysis
  • Maintenance Organizational Evaluation
  • Maintenance and Engineering Space Allocation Requirements
  • Operational Guideline Development
  • Operational Planning for New System Integration
  • Operational Readiness Optimization
  • Organizational Structure Optimization
  • Owners Representative during Contract Development/Administration
  • Review for ASTM F-24 Compliance
  • Rides / Attractions Reporting Procedures
  • Ride Mechanical Systems
  • Safety Program Development
  • Scheduled Maintenance Programs
  • System Design Specifications

When you find a specific task that requires special expertise, Amusement Industry Consulting, LLC will team with the required experience through a wide variety of working alliances with professional industry experts, who share our values, to provide solutions for your routine or most complicated challenges within pre-determined time and budget constraints.

We will work with you to develop plans for a consistent Facility Signage Program or review existing sign packages to ensure the desired guest communication is achieved. Working together with your management staff to include the ASTM F-24 requirement for Signs, ensuring ADA minimums for proper placement and contrasting colors are satisfied, combined with the IAAPA Guideline for symbols to assist guests with understanding the level of intensity for any particular ride or device experience and any legislated signs requiring notification to riders of responsibilities they have for their personal conduct.

Jerry Aldrich, owner of AIC, is one of the world's leading Amusement Industry Consultants having over 40 years of experience managing and consulting for many of the world's largest amusement parks & resorts.

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